About us


NYD Pro offers the highest quality audio design and postproduction services for any type of industry that requires it.

We have cutting-edge technology, and trained and internationally recognized personnel in the fields of design, production and postproduction of audio and audiovisual materials.


We understand that sound is as important as image and that its integration provides a sensory experience that guarantees the success of any audiovisual project.

Our services

Sound for cinematography and TV

We take care of the design and postproduction of audio-visual sound, providing a professional and unique sound experience.


We provide the service of translation and recording of audiobooks with neutral accent announcers. We provide the listener a real experience.


Translation and subtitling

We translate and subtitle your original productions in English, French and Portuguese, into Spanish.


Recording and mastering professionals, we have the best human and technological team.

Sound for digital platforms

At the forefront of new information technologies, we strengthen your digital strategy with the best sound experience.

Marketing and corporative sound

We support your marketing and internal communications strategy, through the best sound experience.