Cinematography and TV

We take care of the design and postproduction of sound for cinematography & TV providing a professional and unique sound experience.

Sound design for cinematography & TV

Dialogues, effects, music and environment providing realism to the image. We create the best experience with professional sound environments.

Sound Design for cinematography and TV

5.1 and 7.1 mix

Our mixing studio has Pro Tools Ultimate system to provide the best surround sound experience to your audiovisual productions.

5.1 and 7.1 Mix - Sound for cinematography and TV

Direct sound for cinematography & TV

We have professionals and high-end equipment for direct audio recording of audiovisuals in general.

Direct Sound for cinematography and TV


In addition to the original sound, in our studios, we recreate and reinforce all sounds with professional actors and high-end equipment.

Foley - Sound for cinematography and TV

Dubbing and ADR

We give your productions the right character according to the language, we have professional voice actors with neutral accent and understandable standard terminology in any Spanish-speaking country.

Dubbing and ADR - Sound for cinematography and TV

Audio Description for cinematography & TV

We hand your audiovisual productions to the blind community through the detailed narration of actions and characteristics.

Translation and subtitling

We translate your original English, French or Portuguese cinematographic and television productions, into Spanish.

Musical composition

We give your audiovisual production a musical experience of the highest quality.

Musical Composition - Sound for cinematography and TV